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A 'Ffestiniog Travel' tour of the trains and trams of Romania took us by train from Sibiu to Iasi via Timisoara, Arad, and Oradea in, to us, old-fashioned compartment coaches, most of which had seen much better days. The trains were only two or three loco-hauled carriages travelling at a sedate pace, no buffet and not much in facilities, very reminiscent of Indian railways. The trams were a mixture of second-hand european and locally-built vehicles, The food and hotels were excellent ! It was an amazing holiday and totally recommended.

CFR - Caile Ferate Romane

CFR Steam locos

Some 'preserved' at the railway 'museum' at Sibiu, some 'plinthed' at various stations and some just resting where they finally stopped.

CFR Diesel Locomotives

Mostly quite (or very) old now but many re-furbished in Romania to last a few more years.

CFR Diesel ralcars and units

The oldest trains still in use go back to 1937

CFR Electric Locomotives

The more modern approach to Romanian rail transport.

CFR Shunting Locomotives

and some very strange machines

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