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Boundary Stones and Mileposts

Boundary stones, milestones, finger posts and other markers in simple alphabetical order of their initials, name or location. If anyone has more examples or information on their meaning please do get in touch. They are also listed under their location in the main pages.

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'BH' and 'CHL'

Scattered along a boundary line from Cwmcarn towards Pontypool are a string of identical boundary stones stating that they are the 'Boundary of Minerals Settled by Act of Parliament 1839'. On one side are the initials 'BH' for Benjamin Hall of Abercarn, later Lord Llanover and on the other side are 'CHL' for Capel Hanbury Leigh of Pontypool Park. There are certainly five stones and probably more.

'JCH' and Roman numerals

it looks like there were at least 15 of these stones scattered around the Blaen Bran area of Upper Cwmbran. So far I know of 1, 4, 6, 9, 11 and 15 so there should be another 7 or more somewhere. Anyone want to add to the collection?

'LUP', Llanfrechfa Upper Parish

One of the parishes covering Mynydd Maen.

'MP', Magna Porta

One of the parishes covering Mynydd Maen. Magna Porta means 'Great Gate', in Welsh it is 'Porth Mawr' and was at Llantarnam Abbey.

'PP', Pontypool Parish

One of the parishes covering Mynydd Maen

Sand Bay, Somerset

A collection of old Somerset County Council fingerposts at Sand Bay, near Weston-Super-Mare.

Acknowledgments, sources and further reading.

Thanks to :- Dennis T Baker, John Bradford, Phil Davies, John Gibbon, Alan Jones, Nigel Jones, John Matthews, Amanda Meyer, David Standing, Lawrence Skuse and Rob Southall for providing more examples and identification of these boundary markers.
and particularly to 'The Lost Farmsteads of Twmbarlwm and Mynydd Maen' facebook group.
There is a specialist society for milestones and boundary stones :- The Milestone Society

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