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The transport and industries of Northern England, the Isle of Man, Scotland and Ireland

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Ancient and Modern

My very first photo, taken in October 1960, of 45563 'Home Guard' and some modern ones of Blackpool's trams in 2009.


A 'Brief Encounter' with one of the most famous stations in the world


Lakeside and Haverthwaithe Railway

A day trip to Lakeside and a steamer voyage on Lake Windermere. The train engine was an 0-6-0T built by Andrew Barclay in 1911, Works No 1245, for the Carron Iron Co in Falkirk.

Elsewhere in Cumbria

Some photos from the early 1950s by Donald Kelk. I'm afraid I know nothing about their background or location but they appear to be Cumbria.

Isle of Man

I've only been to the Isle of Man once, over 50 years ago, in 1964 to be exact, so poor photos but wonderful memories.

Douglas Corporation Transport

Groudle Glen Railway

Isle of Man Road Services buses in Douglas

Isle of Man Railway

Manx Electric Railway, Snaefell Mountain Railway amd Laxey Great wheel

West and North Yorkshire

Stags Fell Mine, Wensleydale - SD 8708 9225

I believe this level was the flag stone mine rather than the lead mine. The Stags Fell quarry worked from c1813 to c1925 but the lead mine was much older, from c1680 to 1849.

The Kepwick Railway 1833 - 1893

A self-contained tramway from limekilns North of Borrowby to the quarries on Kepwick Moor. The gauge was about 4' 6" and horses worked the line, with the 1 in 5 incline being rope-worked. Well worth a visit for the views alone.

Rosedale Ironstone Mines and the NER branchline

A couple of all-too-brief visits in August 1975 and June 1982.

British Railways in Yorkshire

Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

A visit to the line in September 1971

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

A visit to the line in June 1982

Durham and Northumberland

County Durham




Donald Kelk

This collection of photos was given to me in the late 1950s by Donald Kelk, a railwayman, possibly even an engine driver!, from Darlington. There were no details of location or subject with them so the captions are my best interpretation. They all appear to date from the very early 1950s.

Ulster, Northern Ireland - UTA, GNRI, BCDR

Dundalk, Newry and Greenore Railway

Republic of Ireland - CIE, GSR, DSER

Acknowledgments, sources and further reading.

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