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The Transport and Industries of the Pacific Rim

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Around and about Sydney's railway system

Clyde Yard and Granville

North Sydney Station


Sydney Light Railway

Sydney Monorail, now sadly demolished

Around the Harbour and its fortifications

Around Australia

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Katoomba colliery and incline

Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne

Three brief days in Brisbane in 2004 to visit relatives and friends but one of them took pity on me and we visited their local museum, the home of this magnificent railcar, built by Crossley / AEC, then back to New Zealand. Plus new trams in Canberra in 2019 and trams in Melbourne in the 1990s.

Kiama, NSW

Kiama is South of Sydney and is famous for its quarries producing volcanic basalt used for road and ralway ballast. These photos were taken by Jim Coomer, who visited Kiama in 2018.

Hong Kong

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Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Light Rail Transit (LRT), officially the North-West Railway, is a light rail system serving Tuen Mun District and Yuen Long District in the northwestern New Territories, Hong Kong. The system operates over standard gauge track, using 750 V DC overhead power supply. The serpentine routes cover an area of very high density housing with very frequent trains. The MTR day pass allows unlimited travel and is well worth a visit.

Mount Victoria Tramway

Ten years apart, 2012 and 2022, and we have new trams on the funicular. Also, due to heavy Covid restrictions, few passengers, no queuing round the block, ushered to a seat, they were delighted to have a foreign tourist !

Hong Kong Tramways

Mass Transit Railway (MTR)

Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway has a lot of tunnel running and photography is difficult at stations. The East line is a little more open and gets occasional loco-hauled trains, not that i ever got to see one up close !


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The Light Rail Transit system

A little disappointed - I was expecting rails and got a guided bus way instead - never mind. Next time I pass through Singapore I'll be a little less jet-lagged (I hardly left the hotel) and see what else there is.


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Nuku'alofa copra railway

There I was, stranded on Fafa Island off Tongatapo, and when the typhoon blew itself out and I took the boat over to the mainland for a high-speed visit to a very short-lived railway. At some time, a narrow gauge railway ran from Queen Salote Wharf on the Pacific to the central lagoon of Tongatapo. The memory lives on as 'Railway Road' follows its course and, sadly, the route is all that seems to remain. Other that it was used to move copra there seems to be nothing known about it - its gauge, its motive power or its lifespan.

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