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Japan's Railways and Tramways
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The Railways and Tramways of Japan

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Kyoto, Honshu

Keihan Electric Railway and Hankyu Railway

The Keihan Keishin line ran in front of our hotel at Yamashina and we travelled the main Keihan and Hanyu lines and probably some others, a rather intensive day

JR trains and locos

Around Yamashina and the Kyoto Railway Museum

Kyoto Railway Museum

Kyoto Railway Museum

Matsuyama, Shikoku

Matsuyama JR Station

An overnight stay to ride the trams and the local line

The Iyo Railway

The Iyo Railway runs three suburban lines from Matsuyama, the tram service in Matsuyama itself and the local buses

The Matsuyama Tramway

The Matsuyama Tramway runs on five lines around the city including the 'Botchan Ressha', a replica steam train in honour of the first Krauss locos that ran on the line.

Odakyu and Hakone Railways

Tokyo Shinjuku to Odawara

From Tokyo Shinjuku to Odawara and back

The Hakone Tozan Railway

The Hakone Tozan Railway from Odawara to Gora where it connects with the Cable Car to Sōunzan and from there, the Hakone Ropeway to Tōgendai on Lake Ashi.

Okayama, Honshu

Okayama JR Station

We changed here from the Shinkansen awaiting the connection to Matsushima

Otsuki, Honshu

Maglev Exhibition Centre, Otsuki

The Maglev Exhibition Centre is outside Otsuki, to the West of Tokyo. The Maglev route and line profile shows the position of the train as blink and you miss it as it's travelling at 500kph (c320 mph).

The Fujikuo Railway

The Fujikuo Railway runs from Otsuki to Fujiyoshida. We caught the bus back from the Maglev Centre to Tanokura Station and back to Otsuki.

Otsuki JR Station

The junction for the Fujikuo Railway on the East Japan Chou main line from Tokio to Nagoya.

Toyohashi, Honshu

Toyohashi Tramway

Toyohashi is a city in central Japan, Southwest of Tokio. It is the second smallest tramway system in Japan, just under 10km, with one line with two spurs at one end.

Toyohashi Station

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